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million. >> i'm a 66-year-old man who would never expect 42 armed soldiers and police to storm into his property in riot gear. >> back in may he did this tv interview in belize, where he's been living in recent years. he was upset about a police raid on his home. an anti-gang task force busted in looking for drugs and confiscating guns. charges were later dropped. police found 9mm casings at the murder scene. the victim's computer and phone were missing. an hour ago wire magazine reported they have had several conversations with mcafee today and he is insisting he is innocent but that he's refusing to talk to police because he doesn't trust them. quote, you can say i'm paranoid about it. but they will kill me. there is no question. they've been trying to get me for months. they want to silence me. i'm not well liked by the prime minister. i'm just a thorn in everybody's side. >> mcafee said he was there hiding in the sand with a box
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over his head so he can breathe. business mo said he's been developing a psychedelic drug and that has led to a lot of questions about his behavior. >> the story getting stranger and stranger. joe, thanks. now we want to update you on a developing story out of contra costa county. a collision between a semi and car snarling rush hour traffic on highway 4. shortly before 5:00 a honda rear-ended the semi near air street -- a. street in antioch. the front end of the car was wedged underneath the truck. the truck spilled some of the canned goods it was carrying out on the roadway. then the truck caught fire. we do believe everybody got out okay. but one westbound lane has been closed for the last hour. that's created a long line of headlines. traffic stretching back for more than a mile. again highway 4. our traffic map shows even the eastbound lanes have been impacted. no time estimate on when the accident will be cleared but
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we'll keep an eye on it and bring you the updates. the passage of a minimum wage law in san jose could have unintended consequences. not everyone is happy about more pay for the city's lowesterners. lynn? >> reporter: for the last few months we've been hearing from the backers of the minimum wage law this is the right thing to do for workers that $8 is not enough to live on in silicon valley but we spoke to workers today who said they would be financially hurt, not helped, by the affects of measure d. as a min women wage worker, this man will get an instant raise when measure d. takes effect next year. but he's not happy about it. >> i vote no for this. because i'm an american citizen now. >> ally, who can double his wages on tips, said measure d. will hurt him on the long run.
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>> $2 not helping me. you go back, i was working 40 hours and now the boss will cut my hours, cut more people and unemployment will be high. >> reporter: it is what the business community calls the unintended consequences of the new minimum wage law. >> they plan to raise prices on the menu, cut hours, lay off some employees. >> nick said he and his partners figured out what their new payroll would be under measure d. and it is something they can't afford without making cuts. he said some of the 50 employees will lose a day of work for weeks and some part- time employees will be let go. >> our example was $4,000 every two weeks so that comes out to, we did the math, almost $100,000 a year. and we have to cut some hours just to make a profit. >> reporter: measure d. began in a sociology classroom at san jose state and grew into a coalition backed by organized labor. it was passed by 59% of the
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voters, intended to help the lowest paid workers earn a decent living. backers say measure d. will help the entire community. >> the increased wages to those low wage workers are going to get spent here in san jose and that will cause an additional economic stimulus of almost $200 million for the city of san jose. >> reporter: and backers of measure d. also say that the restaurant industry has been making too much out of these price increases that people are likely to see on the menus. dana, according to study they commissioned, they say that on the average $30 bill would only cost an extra 25 cents because of measure d. >> lynn ramirez, thank you. well proposition 30 which raises taxes was passed by california voters last tuesday. grace lee shows us tonight, young voters were an important part of that prop 30. >> they sure were. and we're curious about which polls are right and wrong, and
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before the election, field poll predicted those under the age, it might be up to 28% and that difference may get something to pass. >> billions more will come into schools if prop 30 passes. >> it was close, but in the final weeks leading up to the election, the governor was out front campaigning for proposition 30 seven days aaweek and -- aweek and apparently young voters were listening. it raises a sales tax by a quarter cents and raises taxes on the wealthy. they campaigned online and debated it on social media and lived with the threat of increased tuition and fewer classroom days. >> it is ridiculous. everyone is saying you have to vote. you have to vote on this.
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>> on our ipads, our computers, so seeing posts telling you to vote is impressionable. >> the issues that young voters care about really spurred them to the polls. >> they know they have higher student loans, unemployment rates that are higher and i think they really got the message specifically to them where they are and it hit home. >> according to exit polls, voters under the age of 30 made up 28% of the electorate in california and out of those, a whopping two-thirds said yes to prop 30. >> you cannot face the future. >> a young california democrat said the youth vote is strong and its growing but it takes more tan just social media to sway them. >> this was a combination of online and on the ground strategy on college campuses, door to door, making phone calls, young people talking to young people and different groups of organizations that aren't necessarily young-youth focuses realize the importance
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of our generation and what we could do. >> one more thing, the numbers suggest that marketing has become more efficient and young voters tended to move more than older people but now campaigns are finding them and clearly their message is getting through. allen? >> grace, thanks. checking bay area headlines, a traffic accident in contra costa caused a shooting. one man opened fire on the other. the cerebral palsy said the victim suffered a non-life- threatening injury and taken to the hospital. the shooter took off on foot. gunshots hit two houses in menlo park this morning. police found two high powered assault rifles, a semi- automatic handgun and drugs in one of the homes on medderra avenue. the gunfire didn't hit anyone, but police did arrest four
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people between the ages of 19 and 28. police think they are part of a street gang. and a gas leak forced the evacuation of a target store and restaurant in bub lynn. a construction crew head a gas line on dublin by brannigan street and the leak was capped just before noon and nobody was injured. the san francisco police motorcycle officer has been hurt in an accident just before noon in the 700 block of brandon street. the officer taken to the hospital but his injuries not believed to be life- threatening. another vehicle was involved but the details of the accident are still being investigated. there is new hope tonight for some of the bay areas homeless veterans. 75 disabled vets will get new homes in san francisco. cbs 5 reporter kate coggeren gives us a first look at the rental units. >> this downtown building will soon be home to 75 disabled veterans. >> it is a safe place to be. even if they are in a shelter
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or in emergency housing or something, they are very vulnerable to predators, they are vulnerable to -- you name it. >> reporter: sorts to plow shares is the organization that spearheaded the project. the group partnered with federal and state agencies and the city of san francisco to gather the $30 million to renovate this building into veteran's commons. >> we've been at this since 1974. and it's very gratifying to have these resources come to bear. >> reporter: the units are equipped with a kitchen and bathroom, all ada approved. it will be a one stop shock for veterans, when they have access to health care and classes like cooking and yoga. it is a refuge they could not find in the city. >> i am excited. i didn't expect it to look as nice as it does. and living in san francisco, just a permanent place to live is a important thing. and once you have that, the stress goes down. >> this falls in line with the
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secretary's goal of ending vet homelessness. he believes with support, the time line can happen. >> it is a visual goal but we signed on. we drank the cool aid. congress and the public has supported with the resources necessary. >> reporter: the official grand opening isn't expected in later this month or november, but vets can move in as early as next week. in san francisco, cbs 5. it can be just as dangerous as being drunk. how the chp plans to crack down on drowsy driving. as the temperatures drop, a fire danger heats up. how the filth in your chimney can be fuel for big business. and you could certainly feel that crisp fall air today. we have a few clouds rolling in overnight tonight and then rain is heading for the bay area. when and how much, we'll tell you in your seven day forecast
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speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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city. hontzu new tonight, the search is on for an 11-year-old boy missing from dally city. he was last seen on friday near political middle school. it is near east market street and hillside boulevard. now police said he goes by ren, he is 5 feet tall and weighing 80 pounds. he was last seen wearing a black backpack. anyone with information should call police. the race for district 7 is down to the wire. as of 4:00 this afternoon, norman yee has widened his lee to a margin of 33 votes. but the registrar of voters said there is still a lot of counting to do. >> i understand there is a lot
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of anxiety for both campaigns and for the people who support the candidates. however, at some point we have to run the election, not just focus on one contest. we're coming to that point right now. >> the county registrar stresses that he may not have a final result for the election before his deadline on december 4th. a wakeup call for sleepy drivers. the chp is looking for those driving drowsy. they say driving sleepy is almost as risky as driving drunk. >> you catch yourself, not in your lane and not paying attention. it is not good. >> if you have driven for any length of time, it is bound to have happened. you start dozing off and then -- >> it is the worst when you feel the rumble strip and you just scare yourself over and over again. >> with holiday road trips coming up, the chp is warning people about the dangers of being sleepy behind the wheel,
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just as dangerous as being drunk. >> weaving in and out of your lane, sporadic braking. >> the chp said it caused 32 deaths and more than 2,000 injuries in 2010. charles ludly said he would never drink and drive. >> but do you ever drive when you are sleepy? >> i try not to, but i have. i won't lie and say i haven't, but i have. >> in fact, just last spring he was in an accident. >> i was on the freeway going on l.a. highway 5 and fell asleep -- and i don't know what -- i think i hit a bearer or a truck. >> one of the reasons we might fall asleep behind the wheel is we feel so comfortable in our cars, make a phone call, have something to eat and something to drink. it has become our second home. >> the chp said people need to be attendtive to the dowseness just like -- the drowsiness just like anything else. it is not just about eating
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something. >> if you get pulled over by a officer who thinks you were drinking but sleepy, you could get a moving violation. if you ask charles, he might think that was a lucky lesson. >> i learned my lesson. firefighters are urging people to take caution when heating homes during the winter months ahead. two fires connected to cold weather damaged a home in novato and another in mountain view over the weekend. patrick seb illo on how to keep warm and avoid mistakes that could lead to fire. >> it is that time of year again, as the thermometer drops, homeowners are firing up fireplaces and we do get fires. >> when we get fires, they are a lack of maintenance. >> a buildup in the flew.
6:17 pm
>> kim and her family just moved into this home in san rafael and is taking no chances. >> i wouldn't use my chimney without it being cleaned first. i love my home, it is a huge investment and it doesn't make sense to take a risk. >> london fireplace shop helps eliminate the risk by professional cleaning the chimney and their techs are the busiest in town. >> we are probably backed up about ten days. >> and that's not bad. some of the places won't take calls. others aren't taking any orders until january. mark rizo embraces the technology at hand. >> they can come in and put a camera that has its own right source up through the chim -- its own light source up through the chimney and the property owner and the technician can view what the interior looks like. >> it is suggested you get it cleans every 100 fires or if it you use it every week during the winter. this one cost $200.
6:18 pm
>> it is a lot less of an investment to have someone clean it than to deal with it afterward when you have a fire. >> and don't burn greenwood. >> that's right. we could use a fire tonight. and inside the studio, it is so cold. this afternoon it really got chilly out there, the fall, crisp air. temperatures were slightly below average for this time of year. 3-5 degrees be low average, depending on where you were. so out of the door, 50s. 52 in livermore and 56 in san francisco and low 50s in santa rosa. so overnight we'll stay dry and see more clouds roll in. so we'll see partly cloudy skies across much of the bay area. temperatures will be in the low to mid-40s in some spots. we could squeeze out a couple of low 50s in the inland areas. and then tomorrow we'll warm things up slightly, maybe but a few degrees and see a mix of sun and clouds. in the low 60s around the coast
6:19 pm
and we could see a couple of low 70ss in the inland areas. but still feeling a bit cool. satellite and radar shows us what is going on. any rain we'll get will be north of the bay area. so the bay area will stay high and dry for the next couple of days. because a flat ridge is in place. the low will stay north of the bay area, extreme northern california could see some rain showers, but we are not talking rain until the back half of the workweek. so we'll get to that in just a second. in the meantime, your pinpoint lows overnight, a lot of 40s. a couple of low 50s like i said and then your forecasted highs for tomorrow. and slightly warmer, 67 around the bay, in oakland, and 65 in san francisco, and 68 inland, like livermore. so here is your forecast over the next several days. tuesday through thursday we'll see a very slight warming trend when the temperatures could see into the low 70s in our inland spots and low 60s around the coast. and then thursday night into friday is when the big changes
6:20 pm
occur and we start to see unsettled conditions on friday. mostly cloudy skies on saturday and then a good chance of rain on sunday and monday. that is a check of your pinpoint forecast. back to you guys. >> thanks. the bay bridge turns 76 years old today. the 45,000-ton milestone near its birthday. >> talking tickets are expensive, but you might not have to pay. your best way to say farewell to that fine. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the new suspension span is t to become self just in time for the bay bridge's 76th birthday, the new suspension span about to become self-supporting. cal trans almost done taking the weight of the roadway off the temporary support structure. and having the permanent cables will support it. the shift of 45,000 tons of
6:23 pm
concrete and steel has been happening slowly in stages over the past three months. a lot of breath being held. new span is still on schedule to open by the end of next year. well it can be one of life's little frustrations. getting a parking ticket. it can be exasperating and expensive. julie watts on why it might be worth your time to fight it. >> reporter: parking -- >> everybody is afraid of the yellow zone or the red zone. >> reporter: it can be a real pain. even for a guy like david la bowa who calls himself a parking grewu. he wrote a book about it. >> you have to be afraid of the meter person not knowing the rules and giving you an erroneous ticket. >> reporter: but if you get a ticket you don't deserve, instead of blaming the officer, blame the confusing signs. >> can i park here or not? >> no.
6:24 pm
because there is another sign up there. that's why in the city you have to be careful about every sign. >> this man got a ticket in san francisco in a spot he thought was legal. >> i got a ticket right here. >> he saw the lines painted on the street, it's what he didn't see that cost him. >> i looked all over to see if there was any sign and i don't know how i missed that. >> because its behind a bunch of trees. >> that's how i missed it. and i'm waiting for them to come back and say that is wrong. >> reporter: and odds are that that will happen, at least for his initial dispute. last year 75% of the drivers who submitted their ticket told they still had to pay. >> now serving a-02. >> reporter: until they disputed their ticket a second time. that's when san francisco changed its mind and threw out the citation for more than 50% of those who took the time to come back and plead their case again in person. it turns out to pays to be persistent. >> i've been here for less than an hour and resolved an issue. >> reporter: in san jose, while merely 75% of the disputes were
6:25 pm
rejected last year. the city only changed its mind a little over 10% of the time on second and third appeal combined. back in san francisco, the city makes no excuses why so many seemingly valid appeals are rejected the first time around. >> it is definitely a big waste of time. especially if it wasn't my fault. if its my fault, i'll pay my ticket and that's it. >> that indicates a valid spot. >> they had removed that meter and it was replaced with that sign. >> but with so many confusing spots in san francisco, it may be hard to tell if it is your fault or not. >> make sure you read every sign. >> reporter: in san francisco, julie watts, cbs news. coming up in our next half hour, the fbi investigation that could cost david petraeus his job. >> we received no advanced notice. it was like a lightning bolt. >> why the feds didn't alert lawmakers of the white house until the cia director resigned.
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an alleged sex scandal involving the voice of elmo. why the puppeteer is suspended from sesame street. and it could increase the chance of having a child with autism. doctor's advice to lower the risk. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch,
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the former c-i-a director resigned friday and now at 6:30, questions surrounding the fbi investigation that cost david petraeus his job. the former cia director abruptly resigned on friday after admitting to an extramarital affair. cbs reporter randall pinkston on the harassing e-mail that's sparked the investigation. >> reporter: dana, former cia director david petraeus told the fbi that the affair with paula broadwell began two months after he was appointed head of the cia. tonight some congressional critics want to know why they weren't informed about the fbi investigation. members of the senate intelligence committee are asking why they didn't know the fbi was investigating david petraeus until the cia director resigned. >> we received no advanced notice. it was like a lightning bolt. >> reporter: fbi officials say
6:30 pm
they did not alert lawmakers or the white house because they weren't turning up evidence of a crime or security breach. but richard myers told cbs this morning with, investigations of this nature, notifying superiors are common. >> we saw a lot of investigations in the military where the allegations were not proven yet, but that the chain of command was made aware that somebody was being looked at for whatever. >> reporter: before the scandal, petraeus has been scheduled to testify this week on capitol hill about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. acting director mike morell will testify instead. some lawmakers say they still need to hear from petraeus. >> from my point of view, it is absolutely essential he give testimony before the congress so we can figure out benghazi. >> the fbi uncovered his extramarital affair after a second women, jill kelly, reported receiving anonymous threatening e-mails. kelly and her husband knew
6:31 pm
petraeus and his wife socially. there is no evidence of romantic involvement between kelly and petraeus. if petraeus had committed the affair before his retirement from the military, he may have been subject to prosecution for adultery under the code of military justice. reporting live in washington, i'm randall pinkston, back to you. >> randall, thank you. for the management meltdown is expanding at the bbc after the network wrongly accused a former politician of sexually abusing children. two more top bosses stepped down today. the ceo resigned over the weekend after the british broadcasting corporation reported the false story on the flagship show called news. >> i have decided that the honorable thing to do is to step down from the post as director general. >> just a couple of weeks ago the bbc apologized for failing to air allegations about its own tv host jimmy savell.
6:32 pm
he is accused of sexually abusing 300 boys and girls over several decades. he died last year. an investigation is underway to see if a cover-up was known. and the voice of elmo is suspended from sesame street. kevin clash is accused of starting a inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old boy years ago. clash is now 52 and the accuser is now 23. the puppeteer admits to the relationship and said it was between two consenting adults. sesame street suspended clash because they said he exercised poor judgment. other puppeteers will fill in for clash during his absence. and lance armstrong has officially cut ties with the live strong foundation. the procyclist voluntarily resigned from the board of directors. armstrong helped create the organization 15 years ago after
6:33 pm
he almost died of testicular cancer. the move is the latest in the fallout surrounding allegations armstrong used performance- enhancing drugs. armstrong didn't admit to using the substances but he hasn't fought the charges against him either. a new link is discovered between pregnant women and autism. dr. kim mulvihill explains how the discovery is highlighting the need for a flu shot. >> reporter: lopez is pregnant with her first child. she knows it is important to stay healthy for herself and her unborn baby. >> i do everything that i can not to get sick. i wash my hands a lot, i use hand sanitizer, i got the flu shot. >> it will be a pinch. >> every flu season pregnant women are encouraged to get vaccined against the flu. >> we know pregnant women are more sensitive to viral infections and complications of viral infections. >> reporter: well now there is another reason to get a flu shot. a new study suggested mothers of children who had the flu or
6:34 pm
a prolonged fever while pregnant may have an increased risk of developing autism. researchers looked at 100,000 danish children and found kids had twice the chance of autism if their mom reported having the flu and a fever was associated with triple the risk. >> common sense would be it wouldn't be good for the baby to be exposed to high temperature or a virus in your bloodstream. >> reporter: but the risk is very low. in the study, about 99% of the woman who had the flu or fever did not have a child with autism. so moms should not panic. >> i try not to be under stress all of the time and worried all of the time. but yeah, if i were to get sick, it would be something i would have in the back of my mind. >> good news. the researchers did not find any link between sinus infections, urinary tract infections, herpes or the common cold and autism. getting a flu shot during pregnancy protects two high- risk patients, the mother and the infant.
6:35 pm
if a mother has flu like symptoms, you should call the doctor right away and a fever can be treated with tylenol. smoke and fire near ground zero of the oakland hills fire storm. how today's fire is a lesson in safety. and a growing list of bay area stores offering bargains before black friday. and how holiday workers are fighting back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
northeast, more than 100-thousand homes and businesses still have no po. two weeks after superstorm sandy battered the northeast, more than 100,000 homes and businesses are still without power. most of them are on new york's long island. and the long island power authority did restore power to more than a million customers by this morning. but 700,000 still don't have electricity. protestors criticizing the authorities response to the disaster. >> this is the forgotten part
6:38 pm
of town. it is unbelievable. you know how they say people in hell want ice water, well people in hell want electricity. >> they say most of the customers will be back on the grid by tomorrow night. the calendar and our cooler weather are making this the perfect time of year for controlled burns around the bay area. one today focused on a neighborhood with a history of tragic wildfires. cbs 5 reporter don ford spent the day in oakland hills. >> reporter: smoke and fire were visible in the oakland hills but this is no accident. the captain brad gallop said instead of putting the fire out, they are the ones who set it in the first place. >> in general we're removing the fuel with pile burning so next fire season there is less fuel available to burn on the ground. >> reporter: the intent of the controlled burn is to prevent further damage. this is close to the fire of
6:39 pm
991. that fire destroyed nearly 3000 homes, killing 25 people. joe lived there that inferno and any fire makes her nervous. >> i was around for the oakland hills fire and it makes you remember that and the damage it can cause. >> engine 70, a medical 54. >> reporter: firefighters kept a close eye on this burn, standing next to the names, keeping them small. fire captain gallop said it does more than just reduce fuel. >> it is good for natural resources because it kind of resets the clock on some of the native grasses and other plants here. you have a fresh start on the areas that we've burned. >> it is what they do to prevent a forest fire. >> it is good for the environment. better than burning down these trees all at once. >> they say the conditions are perfect for controlled burns and they will be out here tomorrow, creating another smoky field. ditching the dinner table to go to thanksgiving day
6:40 pm
deals. stores offering bargains before black friday. and even though it was cooler today, tonight we have a few clouds rolling in. there is a look at the san francisco tower. so we have changes on the back half of your workweek. we'll tell you about it coming up. the pro-bowl 49er who kept a dark secret for 14 years. will alex smith play one week from tonight? an update on his concussion is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:42 pm
6:43 pm
has been found safe. police just this just in, the 11-year- old boy reported missing in daly city had been found and he is safe. he was found at a friend's house unharmed. the boy's family has been notified. but ren had not been seen since friday near east market street and hillside boulevard, but again the little boy has been found safe. grocery workers striking against knob hill foods are back at the negotiating table. after picketing for a week,
6:44 pm
they say they are hopeful the two sides can agree on a new contract. the union proposed to eliminate health benefits for retirees who qualify for medicare. and other proposals include wage freeze and elimination of sunday and holiday pay. instead of hauling away cars today, tow truck drivers took time out to deliver -- turkeys. more than 600 of the thanksgiving birds were dropped off at a bay area non-profit. part of the annual thanksgiving turkey delivery project. the ceo in northern california hopes that the effort inspires more giving. >> it is the beginning of a season where needs become more apparent, triple-a has a long standing history of being integrated with our communities and we're happy to help in a small way with food and a large way of getting people more in the mindset of its a time to give back. >> 8 tons of turkeys were delivered today to 26 different
6:45 pm
non-profits around northern california. well target is kicking off the holiday season earlier this year than ever before. opening on thanksgiving day. while bargain shoppers might be enticed by this news. cbs 5 reporter mike sugarman said there is a backlash cox -- coming from target employees. >> this is atory of holiday -- a story of holiday thieves. kevin took care of them in home alone. now this creep comes after the dishes are put away on thanksgiving night. >> it is in the evening, it is not occurring at noon and they love having something to do. >> consumer analyst katie was talking about stores offering on thanksgiving evening instead of waiting for the black friday morning, feeling the heat from online shopping. >> and then i have another group of consumers that feel like it is sack religious, despite the fact it is not a religious holiday. >> but some employees who don't
6:46 pm
want to leave their families are fighting back. last year there was a petition on to target. there year it is not just target that is the target. >> so far we have seen 40 petition on our website. >> reporter: they said if there is a store opening early, there is a petition. >> not just target, but wal- mart and probably best buy. >> am i going to have to sit here in front of the store on thanksgiving day to make sure i'm first in line to get the good deals. >> you don't have to. >> reporter: she said deals are to be had on thanksgiving night and black friday. retailers don't want you to give you any excuse to stay home. >> when i think about the extra pay, the extra money, overtime -- >> employees don't need an excuse either. mike sugarman, cbs 5. as long as there is leftovers, then no shopping. >> turkey sandwiches at about 8:00. >> exactly. apple pie, pumpkin pie,
6:47 pm
keep it coming. yeah, it was cool around the bay area today. it was about 3-5 degrees cooler than what we saw on an average day around this time of the year. but at least we stay dry. we didn't see anything like this. this is video, check this out, this is venice, italy. grab a gondola or your swim trunks. heavy rains have flooded venice, 70% of the city. the flooding is common in that city this time of year but obviously nothing like this. now a hint that rain may be in our forecast. nothing like that either fortunately for us. so here at home, here is a look at your forecasted temperatures right now. out the door, san francisco coming in at 56 degrees. 53 degrees in santa rosa and 52 degrees out in concord. so a few clouds will roll in tonight. we'll see partly cloudy skies. a little cloudier along the coast and temperatures are mainly in the 40s. we could see a couple of low 50s. and then for tomorrow, we're going to warm things up a little bit. so it is still going to be a little cooler than what we
6:48 pm
typically see but slightly warmer, but maybe 3-5 degrees. temperatures going to be mainly in the 60s. we could see a couple of low 70s and kind of a mix of sun and clouds, depending on where you are around the coast, bay or inland. so we're staying dry for it looks like tuesday through thursday. and this is the reason why. we got this area of low pressure but it is staying north of the bay area. so that means rain showers for far northern california, oregon, washington. but we're also watching this flat ridge. so it is keeping us high and dry through thursday it looks like. we could see a few clouds push through that. so expect to see more clouds roll in by tomorrow afternoon. pinpoint forecast, your overnight lows, here is what they look like. numbers, in oakland 48. 44 in concord. about 43 degrees in fairfield and santa rosa. and then overnight 50 degrees in san francisco. and again expected to stay dry but a few clouds will roll in overnight. your forecasted highs by tomorrow, we'll see a lot of 60s. mid-60s in san francisco.
6:49 pm
67 around parts of the bay, like oakland. mid-60s in concord, 66 is your reading in fairfield and about 67 in santa rosa. so we have big changes straight ahead for the back half of the workweek. this is it. this is a look at the seven-day forecast. tuesday through thursday, we have a slight warming trend. not much, but we are going to stay dry. and then thursday night and into friday, that is when the bottom drops out and it looks like we get a little more unsettled. friday we have a good chance of rain. saturday mostly cloudy skies. and then on sunday and monday we got an even better chance of even heavier rain with highs only reaching into the mid-60s. that's a check of your pinpoint forecast. dennis has your sports right after this break.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ]
6:52 pm
♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] night against the bears, and alex smith might not be ablo play... smith suffered a concussion ond the 49ers have possibly the biggest game of the season on monday night against the bears an al ex smith might not play. he suffer aid concussion midway -- he suffered a concussion on this quarterback sneak to convert a 4th down. now smith went on to finish the drive with blurred vision, throwing a touchdown pass to michael crabtree. kaepernick replaced smith, leading the 49ers to the nfl first tie since 2008. smith will have to pass concussion test this is week to
6:53 pm
determine whether or not he can play on monday. >> he feels better. had a good night's sleep last night. and symptoms were positive today. and he'll be visiting with the neurologist later this afternoon. that's -- that would be the next step. >> concussions are treated much differently today than they were when jim harbaugh played. the former quarterback doesn't recall how many he had, but acknowledged, he had them. >> do you have any lingering affects to that? >> no. >> okay. good. >> people may have a different opinion on that. >> now it is one thing to play with a concussion but what if you play with a defective heart? former 49er pro-bowl lineman
6:54 pm
jessie accept ola revealed his secret last night. he played 14 years with a hole in his heart valve. one doctor said he had the heart of an 80-year-old man. he endured two a day practices in the summer heat of rockland and often running short on breath. they discovered his bad heart after they drafted him in 1983 but still allowed him to play football. >> why did they take that risk? >> well a good question. because bill walsh walked up to me in redwood city and asked, did you know about this problem? and i told him no, even though i did know about the problem. to me, i was so scared because i was so close to living my dream and i didn't want to expose myself. >> and the reason you were writing this book now is why? >> well because a lot of people wanted me to talk about it, but i was so used to hiding it that i didn't want to talk about it. but there is a kid, fred thompson from oakland that played with my son at oregon state, i don't know if he had symptoms, but just playing
6:55 pm
basketball for the finals and died from irregular heartbeat and enlarged heart. there is a kid from tennessee state that died this past week. and then i went to junior seau's funeral and i said i have a story to tell and it will get kids a chance to get checked because the earlier they find it, they can move on and live they are dreams. so i wanted to tell my story about it. >> the lakers hired former knicks coach mike d'antoni to take over for brown. negotiations broke down with phil jackson because management felt his so-called triangle offense system was not a good fit for the lakers. national centerfielder bryce harper won the rookie of the league award. he batted .270 and at 27 years old is the second youngest to win the award in the national league. and in the american league, angels centerfielder mike trout, he was unanimous for the
6:56 pm
award there. he batted .326 and also a serious contender to win the mvp award as well. if you were hanging out in manhattan all weekend, here is what you missed. >> rudy gay puts lebron on the wrong end of the highlight reel. he left lebron frozen in his shoes. texas a&m's tommy man ziel turns a fumble into a beautiful touchdown pass. a&m knocked oval -- over alabama. >> and then san jose's hong kong lee with a knock out in a afc fight. and in phoenix, jeff gordon intentionally wrecked clint
6:57 pm
boyer during the race and afterward they came to blows. he was fined $125,000 and knocked 20 points. just another day at the track. brad keselowski because he is the points leader and all of the attention was diverted away from him and to jeff gordon. >> so why did he intentionally ram him. >> what gordon was trying to do, you can tip the guys from behind. he did not intend to ram himself, but those two have had an ongoing feud for years. it was inevitable. >> so i went to a fight and a nascar race broke out. >> good stuff. >> a one-ton weapon. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
6:58 pm
i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey!

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